Members Only Crash Courses

Navigating The Crisis with Michael Hyatt

After getting through not one but two economic crises, we are diving in deep with serial entrepreneur, investor, and MOGUL Alumni Michael Hyatt on the evolving perspectives of the business impacts of COVID.

Building an eCommerce Brand that Matters with Michele Romanow

eCommerce is the fastest-growing sales channel for businesses, but many still struggle to create a profitable AND purposeful eCommerce platform.

Learn Michele Romanow’s hacks to marketing and growing your eCommerce platform, and how to subsequently build a personal brand that aligns with your business.

Practicing Safe Social with Bailey Parnell

MOGUL Alumni and Founder of SkillsCamp, Bailey Parnell, discusses Safe Social during and after COVID-19. How do you best navigate your social media and mental health?

Fireside Chat with Joe Mimran

Fashion MOGUL, visionary, serial entrepreneur and style icon, Joe Mimran, will dive deep into his entrepreneurial journey, what it takes to succeed and why your next achievement should be greater than your last. Join City MOGULS for an intimate chat with one of Canada’s most iconic entrepreneurs.

Sink or Swim with Eva Lau

In this webinar, Eva shares her story and tips for resilience, how to navigate a crisis and provides some invaluable advice for entrepreneurs in all aspects of business.

Sports and Resilience with Michael, Laura, and Alicia

MOGUL Alumni Sarah Wells, Olympic hurdler and Amazing Race Canada Finalist, & Kat Stefankiewicz, in-game host for the Toronto Raptors, host a very special City MOGULS webinar about sports, the Olympics, and resilience. They are joined by Canadian guest pro athletes: Laura Stacey – Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team, Michael Del Zotto – NHL, and Alicia Brown – Olympic track and field athlete.

Roundtable Discussion on ALL Things Content Creation with Sabrina, Natali, and Nesh

Roundtable Discussion on ALL Things Content Creation with Sabrina, Natali, and Nesh

Get expert advice on the evolution of PR & the digital age, brand story-telling, creating high-quality editorial or branded content, how to set yourself up for success in being camera-ready – including proper lighting and framing, and how to work with media/journalists.

How to Save, Invest, and Manage Your Money Better with Melissa Leong

Join Powerhouse Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, & TV Host of The Social, Melissa Leong to talk about her expertise in investing by combining organization, happiness psychology and personal finance.

Organize and Streamline for Success with Jane Stoller

Time has always been the biggest negotiator when it comes to running a business. With Jane Stoller, you will understand how to handle competing priorities with minimal stress.

In this webinar, you can expect to learn how to streamline your business processes and eliminate hidden time-wasters, and more.

How to Build and Engage an Online Community with Swish Goswami

With so many businesses and individuals competing for a consumer’s attention, it’s become harder than ever to break through that noise and stand out. Swish Goswami, is the CEO of Trufan, a social intelligence platform that helps brands of all sizes make smarter marketing decisions.

Getting from Idea to Company with Monica and Stacey

Learn how Co-founders Monica Abramov and Stacey Boguslavskaya of Lunata Beauty went from an idea to a product-based company that is now sold in over 16 retailers and hundreds of stores across North America.

How to Build Your Brand Over Your Business with Monique Bryan

Bringing over 15 years of top-level industry experience in the areas of product development, fashion, branding, business development, and personal styling, Monique will show YOU how to use your personal brand as a visual communication power tool.

Create & Distribute Your Content to Unlock Massive Returns|Ross Simmonds

Powerhouse Entrepreneur and Content Expert Ross Simmonds (Founder of Foundation Marketing), will guide us through his simple winning formula for creating valuable content, and using the power of analytics and creativity to help your brand ultimately gain big returns.

How to Build Leads As A Service-Based Entrepreneur

Join Avi Grondin, founder of Variance Marketing, where he will share how to drive leads & sales on autopilot, how to implement a quick 5-step sales funnel to book appointments through Facebook & Instagram ads, and how to nurture your prospects and drive tons of referrals through automated emails & ad sequencing.

How to Build a Podcast for Your Business with Fatima Zaidi

Can a podcast for your brand help you grow your business? The short answer is, YES. Watch this Powerhouse Webinar with podcasting expert, Founder and CEO of Quill, Fatima Zaidi.

In this webinar, Fatima will uncover the 10 steps it takes to launch a podcast on a budget for your brand or business:

Goal Setting with Victoria Marshman

Victoria’s expert tips inspire us all to set big goals and more importantly teach us how to stick to them!

Rise in 2021 By Taming Your Inner Critic with Lisa Jeffs

We all have that tiny voice in our head that can limit us to our fullest potential. It is time to quiet them down once and for all! At this exclusive Members Only event with professional coach, published writer and intuitive, Lisa Jeffs, get ready to unlock your potential.

Yoga for MOGULS

Join Yoga expert Kelsey Cave for a midday reset and a guided open level Yoga class that not only focuses on releasing tension in our necks, shoulders, and upper back, but specifically caters to entrepreneurs who need to step away from their desks and connect to their breath.