Nominations are postponed

MOGULS provide solutions to our city’s problems and discover how to improve and better the lives of people through innovation. They are passionate go-getters who have made a splash in their respective industry whether thats tech, finance, art, fashion, film, fitness, health, beauty, media, or education. Most importantly, a MOGUL makes time to give-back and they see the value in building and supporting their communities in small and big acts of kindness.

Each year, MOGULS are nominated by the public and selected through three-round process. MOGULS must fit all of the above criteria.

If you know an amazing MOGUL, nominate them April 2020!


Our consultants 

vet the businesses and individuals eventually bring the list to Top 50.


The Co Founders bring the list down to Top 40 based on

the criteria above.


Our trusted board members vote on the Final 20 to be selected.

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