A MOGUL is providing solutions to our world’s problems and discovering how to improve and better the lives of people.


  • Understands the importance of work-life balance
  • Doesn’t take their sh*t too seriously
  • Brings their whole person to every relationship
  • Understands that they are on a never ending growth journey and that learning never stops
  • Knows that business is more than a transaction – it’s how we make the world a better place
  • Understands that their purpose is to serve others
  • Knows that community is key
  • Collaboration over Competition. Period.

A MOGUL is on a mission to create their own version of success and continue to show up as their best self.

Why we started City MOGULS

We all know that entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we learned along the way that surrounding yourself with like-minded, successful people led to:

  • an endless source of inspiration and motivation to keep going
  • accelerated personal and business growth
  • mentorship, valuable business advice and strategies
  • opportunities to expand your connections and network

That’s why we built this community. Out of a need to connect, educate, and celebrate entrepreneurs, to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Our Mission

To celebrate, connect, and educate entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Our Vision

To build a global network of thousands of MOGULS who support one another, lead purpose-driven businesses and give back to the world.

Our Story

In 2010, Victoria and Dani met on the dance team at the University of Toronto.⁠ They soon became Co-Captains of the dance team and brought the team to new heights.⁠ They were both passionate about bringing people together behind a cause and began organizing fundraising events while finishing up their undergraduate degrees at U of T. ⁠

What started as a small, community-based arts event while in University, evolved with them as they dove headfirst into their professional careers.⁠

Dani and Victoria had a vision to celebrate entrepreneurship in a unique way and give back to local charities. Their hope was to bring the entrepreneurial community together to connect and celebrate one another. ⁠

  • City MOGULS Talk the Walk

  • City MOGULS Runway Show

  • City MOGULS Talk the Walk

  • City MOGULS Runway Show

  • The MOGUL Awards

In 2016, they put on the first-ever MOGUL Awards (formerly the City MOGULS Runway Show), celebrating Canada’s top entrepreneurs in a runway show for Canadian Charities. Their goal was to revolutionize business events into a fashion-forward, entertaining, impactful experience, and give back while doing it. To date, City MOGULS raised over $150,000 in support of Canadian Charities.

Today, with a network of over 6000 entrepreneurs and growing, what started as one event has now blossomed into a thriving, supportive, and empowered community of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Through year-round programming, mentorship, events, and membership, we are fulfilling our mission of celebrating, connecting, and educating entrepreneurs into the next generation of powerhouse leaders.

10 years later, we’re still the same girls, passionate about bringing people together and making a difference in the world. ⁠